Winter sale!

This winter season, I have for you prints as prints and prints as gift cards. All small and affordable to frame, should you choose to. Thematically related to the Thought Series paintings and the exhibition In the Stillness of Your Presence, these prints are influenced by coastlines of Nova Scotia, as well as the practice of yoga and meditation. The patterns, traced from coastal rock and ice formations, act as metaphorical representations of thought and aspire to evoke a kind of reverie or introspection particular to that which one experiences at the edge of the ocean.

All prices include shipping. Purchases can be made by using the contact form below or emailing me directly. Ideally, I’d like to receive payments by email transfer; however, if this won’t work for you, contact me and we’ll come up with a solution.

Additionally, if you are looking for a larger drawing or paintings, many of the items listed in my Moving Sale post are still available.


These prints are woodblock on rice paper which have then been glued or chine colle-ed to a larger piece of rag paper. There are 3 sizes available, all quite modest and easy to frame.

Gift cards

Cards are sent flat to give you the option of framing them and hanging them on the wall instead. They work nicely individually or in sets of 2 or 3 and being small, they shouldn’t break the bank to frame.

Set of 5 for $10, includes shipping. You can choose between a set of 5 different prints, or 5 of the same. (Note on ‘same’: These cards were generated by cutting up larger prints into smaller pieces and as such no two cards have the same pattern. Thus ‘same’ here refers to cards that came from the same original print and thus share a palette/colour scheme.)

Woodblock Print

Woodblock prints on rag paper. I would tell you what kind of rag paper, but I have completely forgotten what I used. Many of the tinted sheets were samples gifted to a colleague who then gifted them to me, and somewhere along the chain the details were lost.

Woodblock Chine Colle

Woodblock on rice paper which have then been glued or chine colle-ed to a larger piece of rag paper.


Silkscreen on rag paper.